Fee protection from the experts

Fee Protection Insurance is a Scheme that covers the clients of an Accountancy Practice for any professional fees that result from an investigation by HMRC.

By providing a Fee Protection Insurance Scheme the Practice gains comprehensive access to experts in handling tax investigations, supporting them through the duration of any client claims.

  • Save your clients’ money – Protect your clients from the costs of engaging your professional services to represent them as a result of a tax investigation by HMRC.
  • Support from the experts – Provide your clients with the best possible expert advice during an investigation.
  • Expand Your Practice Offering – Introducing Fee Protection to your clients extends your Practice service offering.
  • Additional practice revenue – Offering a Fee Protection Insurance Scheme provides additional revenue for Accountancy Practices.
  • Improve client retention – Demonstrate to your clients that as a Practice you are taking proactive measures to protect them from unforeseen costs.

No two Practices are the same, that’s why we have a designated Account Manager with our providers who will work with you, understanding your specific requirements and challenges to develop a Scheme that’s just right.