Highly proactive & commercially sensitive approach

Mistakes happen. Professional indemnity insurance would not exist if it was not the case that genuine and unintended errors occur and need to be rectified. Across an industry, or an extended period of time for an individual firm, claims will regularly occur.

It has become a commonplace observation that we live in more litigious times. It is a sad fact that a firm which has done nothing wrong is also likely to face claims from opportunistic and aggressive claimants, and all too often these are linked to sector wide issues, whether it’s fire safety measures, tax mitigation schemes or imprudent lending.

When claims occur, our in-house & legally trained claims team manage the process of defending or adjusting & settling the claim, bringing another tranche of experience to the process and one which is solely committed to the client.  

We are aware that a serious claim against a firm can have an adverse effect on its business and we are always aware of the bigger commercial & reputational picture. Our claims team will dedicate time and effort to work towards a swift and successful outcome for our client’s business.

Because we thoroughly review and agree the policy wording with our clients at the inception of the policy, there will be no surprises about what risks are covered. Our approach is highly proactive; our team understands the market and is prepared to forcibly argue claims on behalf of our clients.