risk management

Because we understand common causes of claims, we can help you avoid them!

Our first hand experience of PII claims enables us to advise our clients on how to mitigate risk in their operations.

We provide a number of risk management services including:

  • Tailored risk management advice and reviews
  • Seminars for in-house training
  • Contract, NDA and terms of business reviews
  • Contract negotiation on behalf of clients

Plus, we offer regular risk management updates on areas such as liability, legal changes and other topical issues.

Book a free Health Check with Brunel

Hard market conditions, changes to policy wording, endorsements & exclusions, plus the shock of rising premiums… if this sounds all too familiar, you might benefit from our Insurance & Risk Management Health Check.

A discreet & confidential review at the mid-point of a policy can highlight often crucial issues to be tackled at the next renewal, without the stress of an imminent deadline.

Key features

A confidential Brunel Health Check includes:

– review of your current risk management in place

– review your trading practice, the risks and exposures you have

– review of current policies, insurance programme and wording

Key outcomes

Presented as a written report including:

– outline of your risk as we see it

– outline of the insurance we would expect you to have in place

– availability of cover to meet identified exposure

– comparison between existing cover and alternatives available

– benchmark existing premiums against current market rates

If appropriate we can also benchmark your business amongst its peers in terms of limit of indemnity purchased, aggregate claims history and prudent behaviour. 

Our Health Check can be tailored to focus on specific areas of your business as necessary and other than the initial supply of information, would require minimal time commitment by your personnel.

If you would like to know more about the benefits and reassurance provided by a Brunel Health Check, then please get in touch with our UK Sales Director, Mark Sommariva on 0203 475 3275 or  

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