Accountant meeting with client

We are excited to announce that Brunel Professions has partnered with Mercia Group, one of the leading providers of training and support services to the UK accountancy profession. This partnership will provide a preferential deal for PII clients of Mercia.

Like Mercia, we understand that for a company to operate successfully, they must maintain their standards with up-to-date training, reviews and manuals. Brunel typically secure significant savings for clients on their renewal premiums, with firms demonstrating strong compliance and training procedures qualifying for the larger discounts. Firms that carry out these practices show a clear understanding of risk management and therefore tend to be lower risk. For this reason, our partnership with Mercia will provide preferential deal for their PI clients who utilise their top-quality training and support services.

With such streamlined one-stop-shop arrangements for accountants’ professional indemnity, there is inevitably a tendency toward ‘one size fits all’, an approach which is not concerned with the individual nature of a firm. Brunel is different. We understand that this is not always beneficial for individual practices in terms of premium pricing or policy. We take the time to get to know each individual firm, along with the changes it is experiencing. Instead of using one market schemes, we broke risks to the wider PI market. We pride ourselves on our commitment to understanding clients and offering bespoke solutions to their needs.

Mercia firm’ that join the Brunel Professions scheme will receive the following benefits:

  • FREE cyber insurance quotation with exclusive policies starting from £100 + IPT (to protect the firm in the event of data breach, business interruption, spyware/malware etc)
  • FREE independent cyber risk assessment
  • FREE insurance healthcheck (across all parts of the practice)
  • FREE tax helpline
  • FREE employment helpline
  • FREE access to a library of useful guidance, in areas such as employment, law and GDPR

To discover more and to obtain a quotation from Brunel Professions, please email