Law Society initiative to provide more up-front information for home buyers



Home buyers will be able to access much more information about properties at the point of listing, following the roll-out of a ground-breaking digital form by The Law Society. The new form TA6 Part 1 will reveal information such as planning applications and flooding risk, which normally only come to light later in the conveyancing process.

The new form is currently in beta testing and will be launched at The Law Society’s National Property Law Conference on 4 October 2021. TA6 uses technology to capture up-front information which has traditionally only been available once solicitors have been instructed. The Law Society says the form will help inform buyers’ decisions before making an offer and improve the home-buying experience for consumers and stakeholders.

Information in the form TA6 covers areas such as:
• compliance with building and planning applications
• the supply of services
• flooding
• common parts shared with neighbours
• information relating to Japanese knotweed and septic tanks

James Burgoyne, Divisional Director – Claims & Technical of Brunel Professions says: “Providing more up-front information to home buyers should help speed the buying and selling process. It will reduce the risk of sales falling through by preventing unexpected issues coming to light later in the process. Estate Agents will also benefit as they will be able to provide better and more accurate information to their clients, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and disputes.”

Form TA6 will be free to use through the Law Society’s network of licensed providers. Information about the pilot and a specimen TA6 form have been published on The Law Society’s website. Reports about the development have been published by The Negotiator and Estate Agent Today.

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