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Like all those providing professional services, IT Professionals provide a service that comes with an expectation of a certain level of professionalism and specialist knowledge. When things go wrong the IT Professionals may well be held to account for any financial losses with legal action and their professional indemnity insurance and Cyber Liability Insurance is designed to mitigate the effects of such actions.

The IT industry are now arguably one of the largest buyers of PI insurance policies simply by the number of policyholders, estimated at around 200,000.

We can obtain quotations for a wide range of IT professionals ranging from small freelance contractors to global technology giants.

We can find a solution for all types of IT Professionals regardless of size or sector. We can quote for companies involved in a range of services from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Programmers, Software Developers, Emerging Technology Development, IT Support Services, Network Infrastructure and management, Security Consultancy and Cloud Services.

All IT Professionals need insurance protection as the professional risks faced by companies in IT services are constantly growing.

Recognising the market growth, many insurers now target the IT sector and we have a range of products to suit the needs of this rapidly growing industry.

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