Do you want to stand alone when your business is threatened?

Insurance brokers are often self reliant, but they have to master many different classes of insurance and develop strong relationships with many different insurers. Many brokers do not consider themselves expert in the field of legal liabilities, and may not have relationships with all of the niche players in the specialist Professional Indemnity Insurance (“PII”) sector.

A claim for professional negligence can be an anxious time. It can also place strain on insurance relationships when day to day dealings with the insurer must be business as usual.

An experienced and independent representative can relieve the strain, providing expert assistance on the one hand, and a degree of separation between the parties on the other.

Brunel Professions are specialist PII brokers with a highly experienced claims team, and a developed network of relationships with PII solicitors and other risk managers. We are fully committed to the successful resolution of our client’s claims. We are aware that a serious claim against a firm can have an adverse effect on its business and we will dedicate time and effort to work towards a swift and successful outcome.

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