The right cover for your business

We are one of the UK’s leading specialist professional indemnity insurance brokers, with particular expertise in providing insurance for Consulting Engineers.

Unlike other professions which enjoy the protection of a regulator-required policy wording with fundamental minimum terms and conditions, Consulting Engineers are faced with the difficult task of making sense of a multitude of PI offerings.

Many insurers offer a basic rather than comprehensive product and unfortunately, many brokers do not have the sophistication to realise the implications of some policy wordings, which might contain restrictive inner limits and conditions.

So getting the policy wording right is essential and can be the difference between getting a claim paid or being left in the cold.

Our approach is to differentiate our offerings based on a proper understanding of your business, your needs, and your own choices. This means our clients benefit from full market review, competitive pricing and access to more appropriate wordings for their risk.

Furthermore your broker should really earn their stripes during the policy year, when they are called upon to support your business in contract document negotiations, as well as providing advice on pro-active risk management and risk exposure.  

Brunel’s in house risk management team understand that the advice given should be as much about the commercial arena as the risk management. We always make ourselves available to negotiate with your client if matters become complicated. 

Our clients see our approach as a major benefit to their insurance placement and we believe this comprehensive service is unrivalled in today’s market.

Brunel is the recommended broking partner of the Institute of Clerk of Works.

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