Corporate Responsibility

“We believe all businesses have a responsibility to play their part in addressing climate change; but building our business on a sustainable basis is also an important commercial decision, to reduce costs and giving us a competitive advantage.”

Dylan Hughes, MD, Brunel Professions


We were one of the first PII brokers to offset emissions from our business activity, making quarterly assessments of our carbon footprint (including travel, office power and so on). We have also taken key steps to become a totally paperless environment.

Modern Slavery

Brunel does not engage in any employment practices that are defined as Modern Slavery in accordance with the 2015 Modern Slavery Act.

Our staff are highly trained, many with qualifications and come to work at Brunel of their own free will. 

Our employee contracts have market standard notice periods should an employee voluntarily resign, or should Brunel wish to terminate an employee’s contract.

We have rigorous vetting processes for all suppliers. We do not have any suppliers that employ staff with unacceptable working conditions as defined by the Modern Slavery Act.



We aim to give back to the communities within which we operate and to help those who need support. We do this through national fundraising events, voluntary work and sponsorship. Each year we support different charities with year round fund raising activities.

In 2021 we raised a total of £9,922 for various different charities across the UK, and we hope to beat that figure this year with our fundraising efforts.

Charities that have benefitted from our fund raising include: Children’s Hospice, Mind, Retina UK, Social Bite, Macmillan, Suicide Prevention Bristol, and Action for Children.

We also donate a total of £6,000 to various foodbanks/homeless shelters each year to ensure that everyone can have access to a dry place to sleep and a hot meal at Christmas.

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