A bespoke solution suited to your needs

With such streamlined one-stop-shop arrangements for accountants professional indemnity, there is inevitably a tendency toward ‘one size fits all’, and an approach which is not concerned with the individual nature of a firm. There can also be a stagnation where what has been arranged at inception is merely trotted out again and again at each annual review. This ignores the on-going development of a firm and the changes it is experiencing. The insurance arrangements can become stale – even outdated and inappropriate.

Brunel Professions is different. We do not use one market schemes and broke risks to the wider professional indemnity market. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients, and offering bespoke solutions to their needs. We are proud that our approach has been recognised.

Cheap rates for all will soon be a thing of the past. Does your broker understand you? Does your broker still understand the market?

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