98% of new build homes have faults says survey

new build houses in stratford drive, overstone, northamptonshire


Around 98% of all new build homes have defects according to a report by snagging inspection experts HouseScan. Problems range from ill-fitting doors and poorly finished decoration, up to serious issues with brickwork or roof trusses.

Property developers offer guarantees to fix faults, but HouseScan says these can be time limited and warns that developers may brush off snagging issues or hide behind the small print to avoid making repairs.

Low level faults can include poorly fitted internal doors or block guttering, which can cost £75-£90 to fix. More severe issues, such as badly installed external doors can lead to security and insulation problems and may cost around £165 to repair. Serious issues such as inadequate brickwork pointing may be less expensive to fix, but if left unrepaired could lead to future frost damage or damp issues.

Harry Yates, managing director of HouseScan said: “The statistics tell us that it’s a near certainty that a new build home will come with snags. If you only discover a snag after the guarantee has expired, it’s going to be up to you to pay for the fix. As we see from this data, doing so can be both vitally urgent and very expensive.”

James Burgoyne, Divisional Director – Claims & Technical of Brunel Professions says: “It’s shocking that only an estimated 2% of new build homes are fault-free. Estate agents and other property professionals should be aware of the issue and provide information to their clients accordingly. Otherwise there is the risk that this may result in a complaint further down the line, which will take time and effort to resolve.”

Reports about the survey have been published by Mortgage Introducer and Property Reporter.

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